Камера климатических испытаний фотоэлектрических приборов преобразования солнечной энергии



Диапазон температур

 -40°C ~ +100°C

Temperature dispersion


Temperature deviation


Диапазон влажности

 30% ~ 98% R.H. (40 ~ 90°C)

Alter range humidity


Humidity deviation

+2> -3%RH

Rise / Fall speed (℃)

1.0~3.4℃/min (line function adjustable)

Setting time

0~9999hours (adjustable)


32 KW

Casing coat material

Excellent cold rolling steel plate processed by rust prevention and plastic powder-spraying by static electricity

Air circulation

Using the long axis of the fan motor, high and low temperature resistant stainless steel multi-wing impeller, the intensity of vertical convection diffusion cycle

Thermal insulation material

High density Superfine glass fiber with 100mm thickness

Sealed gate

Silicone rubber bar of environmental protection

Heater device

1.Nickel alloy with high-speed infrared heating electric heaters(3KW*2) 2. Completely independent system of high temperature does not affect the low temperature tests, high temperature and humidity test.

Workroom dimensions (cm)

100*100*150 (D*W*H)

Exterior dimensions (cm)

120*120*200 (D*W*H)


AC 3 phases 380V   50HZ

Control device

Temperature and humidity display and control instruments used are all imported large screen images (5.7-inch LED LCD), Color touch screen operation, and program editing easy, no keyboard input. Accuracy: 0.1 ℃     Resolution: ± 0.1 ℃.

Safety protection system

Perfect and complete safety system

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